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Colin Helbig

Colin Helbig

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Colin Helbig has been the CEO/Director of Freedom Solutions (International) – established in 1995 - a highly respected marketing and sales business with an attitude of “Service with Integrity”.

Currently, as an Alliance Partner with Dynamo Realty Colin brings a wealth of experience from his extensive background in Small Business Ownership and in Property Investment.
A property investor of more than 35 years, Colin is excited about the “Magic of Property” as a “Safe as houses” approach to creating life-long financial security.
Asked about Secrets for Success with Property, Colin said, “Start doing what wealthy property investors do.”
The truth is that most people genuinely DO NOT know how to create wealth.
In fact wealthy people do certain things to become wealthy and to ensure their wealth grows. And those things DO NOT involve listening to well-meaning family and friends over a couple drinks – unless of course those friends have achieved what you want to achieve.
So how do you find out what the wealthy do? Well, you sit down with them, listen to them, ask them, follow their advice, and work with them.
The problem is it gets scary for many – and this is where they hesitate or “spend time thinking it over” and the opportunity passes them by.
Colin understand that taking the next step into the unknown can be a little scary. That’s natural and normal enough. But the rewards are awesome!
Right now, in his association with Dynamo Realty, Colin continues to listen to and help people like you consider their options, and to find their first or next property.
Did you ever see that photo of an old man, walking-stick in hand, sitting on a park bench, with the caption: “This is the young man who waited for the price of Real Estate to come down.” Don’t let that young man or woman be you in the future.
Real Estate truly is an amazing vehicle. Everyone needs a home to live in. Everyone needs the freedom and security that property-investment offers.
From first home owners to seasoned investors, Brisbane right now is the stand-out market in the country to invest in. Don’t wait. Call Colin Now for a chat– over the phone or over a cuppa
[07-3200-3388 or 0411-182-000]. You’ll be glad you did!